Skate, Sweat and Sport

Wellington Roller Derby was started in April of 2012. With a few girls with some previous derby experience, we began a journey of teaching derby and building a new team in Wellington County10568809_761825063882158_6304792248833588128_n[1].

Our league’s motto is skate, sweat, and sport and this captures our approach to the sport.

Our goal is to make every skater or fan feel that WRD is their team.  We want to represent the people of Wellington County in a way that makes them proud.

What does the league look for in players?  EVERYONE!  Our team is full of all women of all ages and from all walks of life…. anyone can play derby.

Our age requirements are 18 years and older and trust us, age isn’t a factor when it comes to this sport.  It’s the drive and willingness to participate in something that has become one of the most fastest-growing sports around.

We’re here to bring this to Wellington County and we hope you’re ready for modern roller derby!

Interested in skating with us?

Call us at 519 546-1326 or WRDleague@gmail.com   

Want to play us?

Email:  Gerrard.lindsay@gmail.com


group shot w.w. tourney